"If only there were some middle ground where images were retouched to enhance their natural beauty without swamping it with either badly-smudged smoothing or overt perfection. It turns out that there is, and retouching pro John Ross is an expert at it."

—April Madden, Advanced Photoshop Magazine Editor


"As a commercial photographer with demanding clients I’ve used John as my exclusive retoucher for over 5 years. Having worked with many in the past, he’s the best. He’s been exceptional in blending technical mastery, creativity, time and budget management, and flexibility; all while working under demanding schedules. He’s patient, collaborative and often deals directly with my clients to ensure all nuance and subtleties aren’t lost in translation, as communication is key. John is truly a digital professional who I highly recommend AND he’s always learning new tricks of the trade."

—Bob Handelman, Photographer


"I have had the pleasure of working with John on many projects over the years, and the thing that stands out about him is his willingness to work with you, to get it right. It takes technical skill to be good at retouching, but to get what the client wants out of an image, it takes listening. John has both skills."

—Lindsay Suter, Architect


"There are many “retouchers” and Photoshop professionals out there, but I want someone who can work directly with my clients, deliver the jobs in a timely fashion, and, give them great results. These are a few of the reasons why I highly recommend John Ross.."

—Jake Wyman, Photographer


"I have worked with quite a few graphic designers in my time. This project was really enjoyable. I found John very easy to work with and his communication par-none. Over and above that, was simply amazed by his QUALITY retouching work! I'd say he's in the top 1% of Photo Retouching. I will definitely be using his service again. So, what I am saying is if any of you need photo retouching work, I strongly recommend him. Give him a try and see for yourself!"

—Steve K. Megaled Ltd., Lighting Electronics & Displays