Photoshop Tools and Palettes Extended Class

Photoshop Tools and Palettes – Extended

Adobe Photoshop Basic Class


We’ll now revisit the subject of tools and palettes, but this time we’ll focus only on the ones that offer the most value, as well as how they work. When multiple tools can be used for the same function, I’ll explain why one might be better than another. We’ll also go over how one tool can be used to set another tool up for success.

This class will not only discuss the specific tools you should focus most of your attention on, but will also show you how to make your images look their best.


Basic Dialogs

Image Size
Canvas Size
Shortcuts & Menu Items

Advanced Functions

Cropping Techniques


Lens Correction
Adaptive Wide Angle


Photoshop Basic 1 Course

Live Webinar


Stop making Photoshop hard. I have already done the hard part for you. Stop wasting time trying to figure out Photoshop. This live class is for photographers who want to make the most of their time, and are dedicated to learning The Art of Retouching.


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No longer limited to my class schedule. If you want to sit back and learn Photoshop in a way that was designed for your success, then this is the course for you. In 5 minutes, you could be watching the proven method for elevating your photography to a whole new level.


Learn More About Photoshop Basic Course on Video


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