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Photoshop Tutorial - How to use Adobe Photoshop Levels

Photoshop Tutorial – How to Use Levels

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Running Time: 5 minutes

This Adobe Photoshop tutorial for beginners is about using the Levels tool in Photoshop, and how it can be used for contrast and color balance on your photographs. Levels are used to adjust brightness, contrast, and tonal range by specifying what you want for the pure black, pure white, and midtones in a histogram.


This Adobe Photoshop Tutorial answers the question: How to Use Levels Adjustment in Photoshop? If you would like to learn more about Photo Enhancement from a Professional Retoucher, I offer Adobe Photoshop Classes. Please contact me today, and I will be able to add you to the schedule too. If you would just like to watch online videos, The Art of Retouching Studio offers many Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced users.

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