Layers, Matting, and Defringe | Photoshop Basic Tutorial

Photoshop Tutorial - Defringe Tool

Photoshop Tutorial – Defringe Tool

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Running Time: 12 minutes

This Photoshop Tutorial video on how to use the Defringe, White Matting and Black Matting Tools. Most images don't really have a need to use these tools, but when they can be used, it's great to know they are there. Halos or Fringe Edges sometimes appear after a selected object has been placed onto a new background. While you should have created the mask using a brush and a QuickMask for a nice tight selection. However, sometimes the object is so intricate, that a manual selection just isn't practical.


This video is one of the original website recordings, so the layout is a little less focused than others. It's more on the desection of the above image, but shows the benefits of removing the white halo around the main objects in a quick and easy way. While it has little to do with Defringe specifically, it is still a great study on layering, compositing, and different ways to approach the same problem. Defringe was one of the possible solutions.

This Adobe Photoshop Tutorial answers the question: How to use the Definge Tool in Photoshop? If you would like to learn more about Photo Enhancement from a Professional Retoucher, I offer Adobe Photoshop Classes. Please contact me today, and I will be able to add you to the schedule too. If you would just like to watch online videos, The Art of Retouching Studio offers many Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners and Advanced users.

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