Photoshop Retouching Newsletter August 8, 2013

I have been studying High End Retouching lately. Really complicated studio and location composites. visually tearing them apart, trying to see how I could match their results. Of course, it’s always easier in theory, than in practice.

Here are some more of the more interesting articles I came across this week.


Photography and Retouching in Advertising
Some really AMAZING retouching on advertising. When you look at these, you don’t see anything new, but when you realize these were created from a combination of studio and location composted together by a single retoucher, you suddenly realize how amazing these really are. This is the type of work I am going for right now. Really high quality stuff here.


40 Infographics, and How to Create Them
This is really more of an example of why I am NOT a designer. This is just too much trouble, in my opinion. Retouching images is easier because of less thinking involved. I tend to fake half it, most of the time. While not the type of thing I would normally put in this retouching newsletter, this article is actually quite impressive, if you are into this type of thing.


The End of the Photoshop Era
Interesting twist of an article. The author points out, for the past 25 years, Adobe has been moving things around Photoshop every 2 years or so, just to be obnoxious. Now that they can update whenever they want to, we are in for constant menu rearrangements every 3-6 months. He is probably correct.


Photoshop Basic Video Course
Did you know that my Photoshop Basic Course was released in Video format? While I do have another live class starting August 21, many countries are not able to make it at that time of the day. Because of this, I put the entire thing into a downloadable 4 week course. It’s pretty cool, because no one else has a video series quite like this one. Check it out.


How to Apply a Plastic Mask Effect to a Portrait
I was asked about this like 2 weeks ago, and I came up with several tools and filters built into Photoshop that could possibly do something like it. Now that I see this tutorial, I guess I was off by a mile. No surprise, but my way could have worked.


Submit Your Art to Zombie Challenge
Not sure if this is quite my “thing” or not, but I will not judge if you click on it.


On Photoshop Training
I continue to find weak tutorials online. While they are filled with good information, they lack the “just in time” learning that is needed with Photoshop. They all just come across as if they have no game plan. Just a shotgun approach, and it’s up to you to pick out the useful parts. I hate that, and I do not teach that way. One of my current students on Saturday said “What I like is that you already know what’s going to happen in two weeks, so when I ask a question, I do not get ahead of myself. You tell me to wait for it.”    


Finally – A Photoshop Course Designed for Your Success!


Basic Level 1 Photoshop Course (Starts Wednesday Aug 21st):

Personalized Photoshop Course:

Intermediate Photoshop Course:

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